About DrC - The BodyMind MD
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madeleine castellanos physician

Madeleine M Castellanos, MD

Dr Castellanos takes a functional medicine approach to solving health problems.  By working holistically and focusing on nutritional balance, she helps clients either avoid or reduce the need for medications overall.



Bio-identical hormones

Subclinical hypothyroidism


Gut/nutritional balancing

Weight control

Arthritis/joint pain

Improving energy/vitality

Body composition analysis

Sex therapy/psychotherapy

Mindfulness and focus

  • food matters

    Protect your brain & body with a low carb diet & lots of healthy fats

  • Healing Herbs

    There are many natural herbs that work as anti-inflammatory agents

  • Meditation

    Improve your memory and eliminate your anxiety

  • Healthy Aging

    Be vibrant, healthy, and energetic at any age

  • Structural Analysis

    Learn about measuring body fat, muscle mass, and cellular health

  • Holistic Approach

    What are all the factors that must be addressed for whole health