In my training in Functional Medicine I have learned all the beautiful and complex ways that the systems of the body are connected and are constantly interacting.  Understanding that this is the case, I see that the reductionistic model of western medicine, which provides drugs for symptom control rather than healing the root cause, is limited and does not address prevention or reversal of disease.


As a physician providing functional medicine consultations, I work with clients to uncover the root cause of their symptoms in order to rebalance the body.  In many cases, clients can significantly reduce or eliminate their medications once they have fixed the source of their imbalance.  For many people, it is problems taking in nutrients from their diet.  For others, it could be that their body is having difficulty removing excess toxins from their system.  Food sensitivities and chronic infections play a major role for many people as well.  I address all lifestyle factors including personal and environmental stresses.


Clients who are looking to take charge of their health and reverse their disease rather than just keep taking a multitude of pharmaceutical drugs find significant improvement and sometimes complete reversal of their symptoms.  Sometimes, a person must continue with some level of medications.  But when they correct the underlying problem, there can be dramatic changes in their need for medications.  Examples of some conditions that can be reversed are heart disease and high blood pressure, diabetes, memory problems, fatigue, arthritis and joint pain, fertility issues, gut issues, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety.


Consultations are comprehensive where all aspects of nutrition and lifestyle are evaluated.  Nutritional testing helps determine how the body utilizes different nutrients from the diet.  Blood testing may also be used to evaluate factors such as hormones, cholesterol, markers of inflammation, and levels of vitamins and minerals.  Body composition is also available detailing how much body fat versus muscle mass is present, as well as testing the health of the cell membranes which demonstrates overall disease risk.


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