Today more than ever, getting to a healthy weight is a significant challenge for most people.  Instead of making it easier, many changes in the way we live our lives today make it much more difficult to get to a healthy weight.  Sometimes, even with what seems like a good diet and regular physical activity, people have difficulty reaching their target weight.


Weight loss seems like a mystery for some people and a downright impossibility for others, but getting to a healthy weight is possible for everyone.  I help clients find what obstacles are getting in the way of losing weight and putting on a healthy amount of muscle mass.  For some people, it’s a balance of their macronutrients and some level of insulin resistance.  For others, it’s micronutrient deficiencies that don’t allow their body to work efficiently or may be throwing their hormone levels off balance.  Some people need a little supplementation with hormones, while others are able to set their hormones back on track simply by dietary changes!


Proper adrenal balance is also needed for control of your weight.  When the adrenal system is either sped up or slowed down, it can cause a person to put on more weight and have trouble losing it.  All aspects of nutrition, stress, sleep, and activity tie into your ability to lose weight and put on muscle.  In fact, many people work very hard with their diet and workout routine, but just can’t seem to change their shape.  Once we uncover the reasons why your body has placed a set point there, we can see how to fix that.


Weight loss is not just for looking good, but it’s also for optimal health.  When a person carries excess fat tissue, especially in the abdominal area, they have higher levels of systemic inflammation and are at a significantly higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and joint disease.  Even some people who are quite thin may have a significantly high ratio of fat to muscle, which puts them at a similar risk for inflammation and disease.  In the office, we can measure actual body fat versus lean muscle mass, create a plan of action, and track a person’s progress.


Finally, not all exercises are made equal, and not everyone responds to the same type of exercise.  When clients choose to explore their genetics, we can decipher whether they have a tendency to be resistant to losing weight with one type of exercise and, instead devise an exercise plan that works for their genetic type.  This, combined with their combination of nutrients from their diet can be a complete game-changer.


If you are interested in taking control of your health and your weight, please contact me for a consultation.