Especially in the last few decades, the focus of psychiatry has moved away from therapy and towards the prescribing of medications (and oftentimes multiple medications).  The trouble with this approach is that it has become the default way of treating a patient without really understanding what imbalances a patient may have or even why those imbalances are happening in the first place.


The reality is that most medications prescribed in psychiatry have some minimal – and usually temporary – effect, but they don’t target the real underlying chemical imbalance.  With a holistic and nutritional approach, I help you explore the real cause of your symptoms and guide you to what will bring you true health, decreasing or sometimes eliminating the need for psychiatric medications.


There are many different causes of depression or anxiety, and those need to be addressed if you want full and lasting relief of your mood symptoms.  There are many different causes of chemical imbalance, from inadequate nutrients, to hormone disruption, to psychological patterns, to lifestyle issues affecting adrenal function.  None of these are ever improved by treatment with medications.  But they can be corrected once the source is found.


I focus on a combination of factors that determine if you have the proper building blocks for good health.  Do you have genetic susceptibilities that change the way you handle stress or utilize vitamins and minerals?  Are you able to get the proper nutrients out of your diet and into your cells where they are needed the most?  Is your total load of environmental toxins exceeding your body’s ability to detox from them?  Are you maximizing your brain’s potential for handling stress and feeling happiness?


Symptoms are a message from the body that something is wrong and needs attention.  If you continuously silence them with medications, you may never find the true cause of the problem and be able to resolve it.  Once you correct the underlying imbalance, the body-mind functions in a much more efficient way and can heal and repair itself when needed.  In my work with clients, I give them the keys to unlock their best health, which not only improves their immediate symptoms, but also helps them prevent other diseases in the future.

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