I believe that we can be healthy and vibrant at any age if we give our bodies the tools that it needs to grow, heal, and defend itself.  I am not talking about anti-aging, but instead, how to age well and be happy and active as you age.  Most of the things that cause pain, discomfort, and disease can be either prevented or reversed if your body is well-balanced to carry out all of its vital processes.


Health and vitality comes from a combination of factors that encourage good functioning of the body, and defend against infections and toxins that are constantly present in the environment.  When a person has a good nutrient balance, good hormone balance, good activity level and adrenal support balance, and good social connections, they have significantly better health throughout their entire life.  Most of the symptoms and illnesses that people think of as inevitable or unchangeable can usually be corrected with the proper intervention.


When people think of being vibrant as they age, the first thing they think of is usually hormones.  I help clients find their hormone balance, understanding that every hormone affects every other hormone, so that they don’t operate independently.  Although I do prescribe bio-identical hormones and believe that they are a necessity for some clients, there are other people who can significantly increase their hormone levels just by correcting their diet and lifestyle, and by assuring that they have the proper nutrients.


Body composition is an important part of healthy aging.  As a person gets older, it becomes more difficult to put on muscle mass and keep the muscle mass they’ve got.  Weaker muscles also create more strain on joints and tendons causing pain and an increased chance of injury.  In the office, we can measure your actual body fat percentage versus lean muscle mass and track your progress as you go along.  A nutritional assessment helps determine if you are utilizing your proteins correctly for muscle building and also helps identify what you may be missing.


Nutrition and gut health become so much more important as we age because the body cannot compensate as quickly and efficiently as it did when it was younger.  Without the proper support to heal, the buildup of damage can overwhelm the body’s ability to repair itself resulting in accelerated aging.   I help clients increase their body’s ability to detoxify from toxins and restore their energy function while maximizing their nutrition to protect their brain, heart, muscles, joints, and restore health to their entire body.