The body and the mind cannot be separated.  Neither can all of the many processes that happen in the body each and every second.  All of the hormones and neurotransmitters of the body are in constant communication with each other, and the body is constantly adjusting for changes in energy supply and demand, as well as anything it experiences in the environment.  Because of this, a holistic approach is the only way to fully deal with any imbalances in the body driving symptoms and, ultimately, disease.


A holistic approach considers all aspects of a person’s health and recognized how these are all connected.  There are many ways that the body can get thrown off balance, and different people are susceptible to developing different symptoms.  All of the systems and organs of the body do not operate independently of each other, therefore what happens in your gut affects your cardiovascular system, your adrenal system, your brain, your hormones, your immune system, etc.


What you put into your body is not limited to what you eat and drink.  It also includes the thoughts you have and your interactions with other people.  Your sense of yourself and your spirituality also play a significant role in your body’s health and overall function.  I do not ignore all of these factors when addressing total body & mind.  A holistic approach attempts to use natural methods of restoring health and balance, and looking at lifestyle is part of this approach.


With a holistic approach, I am treating the whole person and getting to the root of the problem causing discomfort or disease.  There is a significant focus on using a healthy diet and giving the body the micronutrients that it needs in order to provide the building blocks for all of your cells.  In this way, many patients find that they can greatly decrease or avoid medication altogether.  The body is designed to heal itself.  All it needs is the right building blocks, the right environment, and time.