The health status of the body is reflected in the cells and tissues, and can be measured by looking at a person’s body composition. This measures the amount of body fat, lean muscle mass, and body water and how they are distributed throughout the body. The most convenient way of analyzing these factors is with bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). By using a BIA body composition analyzer, a person can have this information to indicate any imbalances and to help them track their progress. All this can be done in less than 60 seconds.


Our BIA body composition analyzer uses multiple frequencies to precisely measure percentages and amounts of body fat, lean muscle, and body water as well as determine the distribution of these in each area of the body. Since visceral fat is an independent risk factor for metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease, it’s important to separately determine how much fat tissue is actually visceral fat and how much is peripheral fat. All of this can be done comfortable and quickly in the office.


BIA body composition analysis is much more accurate than superficial measures of body fat percentage because BIA can not only differentiate between internal visceral fat and superficial peripheral fat, but it can also tell the difference between lean muscle mass and structural bone mass. This helps give a clearer picture of how much weight is actually muscle rather than having to guess. Muscle mass becomes more important as you age, yet it becomes more difficult to gain muscle and to keep muscle. With proper BIA body composition analysis, muscle mass can be tracked related to weight loss or weight gain and then diet and activity adjusted accordingly.


Perhaps the most valuable clinical aspect of body composition analysis is the ability to measure percent body water outside of the cells (called extra-cellular water or ECW). When ECW is high, it indicates that the membranes of the cells are not healthy and cannot properly regulate the passage of fluid in and out of the cell. When this happens, it demonstrates an increased risk of mortality from all medical causes. This should be taken very seriously and changes made to improve the structural integrity of the cell membranes.


BIA body composition is a quick, easy way to evaluate the health status of the body. It is also a convenient, non-invasive way of tracking your health progress. This body composition analysis is done as part of all initial consultations and can be added on to any follow visit as well.